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Mostathmer Plus

Mostathmer Plus

Mostathmer Plus is designed to help the users to make their profitable decisions avoiding as much risk as can ever be avoided. Mostathmer Plus is one of the highly trusted resources of data and includes tools that each user truly needs if he/she seeks success in the field of secure investment in Saudi stock market. Which has the following features: 

- High-speed where we ensure not to face any disconnection during trading sessions.
- Without recommendation you can increase your portfolio by knowing when to buy or when to sell with the smart scanning indicators.
- Reformulation the technical indicators according to your needs which make them simpler and more specialized.
- Advanced charting tools which give you better options to draw your technical Trends, triangles and shapes.
-AL-Arabiya satellite channel live political and economical news Ticker.
- Our excellent services will not stop after the sale, it will continue with our trained customer service and experienced IT team.

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Mostashary is an application of to enable users to access detailed market status using professional tools for data analysis and decision making, Mostashary has the following main features:

- Real time data feed for all companies listed in Saudi Stock Market with in details trades.
- Advanced charting component with analytic tools that can be customized based on customer need. Also, it has the capabilities of saving workspaces, window sizes and colors.
- For more flexibility you can export your data to EXCEL, Meta Stock and Imi broker. In addition you can link your data to EXCEL with automatic refresh.
- Ability to view all companies announcements with advanced search engine to scan the history and see the old announcements.

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We take pride in introducing one of our service called Faturah. It’s one of the first local online payment gateway service for processing online credit card transactions. Idea behind launching this service is to introduce conventional merchants (brick and mortar) to a new world of online business which has so many numerous benefits.

With so much happening in the world of Ecommerce especially inside Saudi Arabia, its an opportunity to conventional merchants to bring their business online and start selling over internet through Ecommerce website. Faturah payment gateway service is powered by SambaConnect one of leading bank inside Saudi Arabia.

We believe in moving with the new trend and allowing the community to grow accordingly and take technology benefits to profit their own businesses. By getting your business online and selling products online is definitely an added edge to anyone’s business whether its retailer, wholesaler, distributor etc. Faturah offers vast range of products such as:

1. Faturah Online Payment Gateway Service
2. Faturah Ecommerce Solution
3. Faturah E-Store
4. Faturah E-Catalogue

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Nusuk.com is another added feather to our list of products. Nusuk.com is a web solution responsible for providing trusted data about HAJJ and Umrah groups across the globe.

The solution also gives the pilgrims detailed descriptions about groups which include their Hajj and Umrah programs, sample of real program images, social media updates and contacts.

It has been decided to let Nusuk.com to be the market leader of Hajj and Umrah program and to help pilgrims find all relevant information on single centralized platform. However, things will not stop here but different services in the pipeline to be provided for Nusuk visitors.

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